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 Culinary Course

 酒店廚藝專業證書 (1年夜間制)
Certificate in Hotel Culinary (1 year part time)

 基礎法國菜課程 (曾任米芝蓮餐廳大廚教授)
Basic French Cookery

Basic Italian Cookery

Diploma in Patisserie

Certificate in Forest Wood Programme for Food Production from wood

Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management (1 year full-time)

 Hotel Course

 酒店項目策劃文憑 (全日制)
Diploma in Hotel & Event Management (Full-time)

 Event Photos

 Event Video

 餐廳營運監控証書 (兼讀制)
Certificate in Restaurant Operation and Supervision (Part-Time)

 Hotel Photos

 Hospitality & Tourism Courses

 款待及旅遊業管理專業文憑課程 -- 基礎 (全日制)
Foundation in Hospitality & Tourism Management (Full-time)

 空中服務員專業証書 (兼讀制)
Certificate in In-flight Services (Part-time)

 款待及旅遊業管理專業文憑課程 -- 中級 (全日制或兼讀制)
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (Full-time or Part-time)

 Travel & Tourism Photos

 Travel & Tourism Photos

 Teacher Training


 課程 1 學術英語 - 準備雅思國際英語測試 (短期課程)
Course 1 Academic English - Preparation for IELTS (Short Course)

 課程 2 通用英語 - 準備英國劍橋大學高級英語認證 (短期課程)
Course 2 General English - Preparation for CAE (Short Course)

 課程 3 商業英語 - 準備商業英語水平測試 (短期課程)
Course 3 Business English - Preparation for BULATS (Short Course)

 課程 4 旅遊商業英語 - 準備商業英語水平測試 (短期課程)
Course 4 Travel & Tourism Business English - Preparation for BULATS (Short Course)

 課程 5 商務普通話 (短期課程)
Course 5 Putonghua for Business (Short Course)

 課程 6 普通話初階 (短期課程)
Course 6 Putonghua for General (Short Course)

 課程 7 旅遊普通話 (短期課程)
Course 7 Putonghua for Travel (Short Course)

 Business Management

Media Risk Management

Certificate in Wedding Banquet(Part-time)

 Wedding Planning Management Photos

 Site Visit

 Wedding Decoration

 商業管理專業文憑課程 (全日制或兼讀制)
Diploma in Business Management (Full-time or Part-time)

 商業管理專業高級文憑 (全日制或兼讀制)
Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Full-time or Part-time)

 專業會計文憑 (全日制或兼讀制)
Diploma in Accounting (Full-time or Part-time)


Certificate in Advertising and Media Technician

Diploma in Adevrtising and Media Engineer Representative

 電腦科技證書 (理論) (短期課程)
Certificate in Computing (Theory) (Short Course)

 Professional Interests

 Starter, Main Course (Short Course)

 Bakery, Pastry and Cookies (Short Course)

 Intermediate Bakery, Pastry & Cookies (Short Course)

 Intermediate Cakes & Chocolate (Short Course)

 Wedding Cake & Wedding Pastry Decoration (Short Course)

 Cakes & Dessert (Short Course)

 Basic Bartender (Short Course)

 Cocktail Demostration

 Cocktail Photos

 WSET Foundation Wine (Short Course)

 Wine Photos

 WSET Intermediate Wine (Short Course)

 Dinner and Wine Workshop

 Food and Wine Matching Workshop

 Entreprenuership Courses

 Entrepreneurship Workshop

Catering Industry Entreprenuership

 Other Programmes

 Summer for Children

 Summer for Macau

 Intensive Programme

 職業導向老師先修課程 (旅遊專業) (短期課程)
The Certificate in Training (Travel & Tourism) (Short Course)

 職業導向老師先修課程 (酒店專業) (短期課程)
The Certificate in Training (Hotel & Hospitality) (Short Course)

 職業導向老師先修課程 (飲食專業) (短期課程)
The Certificate in Training (Culinary) (Short Course)

 Application Method

 Interest Class Timetable


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